Blogging is actually originated out of the phrase “web log”. According to Wikipedia, the saying “blog” was in fact invented by Peter Merholz, a journalist who made the phrase up pretty much as a joke.


A blog site is simply an internet site . where the content is actually displayed in chronological order, commonly by date and most often the latest posts will be shown first on the page.

New content material items in a blog are generally known as “posts”, with by far the most popular types being written text, pictures and online videos.

The phrase “Blogging” is also utilised nowadays as a verb and as a noun. For example, folks often say someone is “blogging”, which is really another way of expressing someone is “writing” content meant for an online site.

A person could also be known as a “blogger”, which signifies “writer”. These types of terms have become really popular and are used often, especially in the English language.


Communication of a Weblog Through Leaving comments

On the list of long-standing essential popular features of a blog is the ‘comment’ attribute. A large number of blogs have the ability for its viewers to post and submit a ‘comment’ on a blog article, regardless if the post is written content or whether it’s an image.

Well-Known Blogging Programs

One of first blog sites to realize worldwide recognition was, this was established by Evan Williams and Meg Hourihan of Pyra Labs. enabled users to set up an account totally free right on the website and a brand-new visitor could easily start blogging almost instantly. was actually later bought out by Google and it is still flourishing today.

Around mid-2003 WordPress was born. is a powerful free-to-download content management system that allows users to download the application totally free and install it on their very own hosting server and domain. now has a couple of million users and benefits from an established internet community that contributes a good number of free of charge modifications for the software (known as plug-ins) to make it customizable.

By Haadi