Now that we’ve covered those aspects of mobile blogging, let’s turn to some of the other factors that need to be considered.


Mobile blogging is an exciting phenomenon that issweeping the blogosphere. One of the reasons why a lotof bloggers are attracted to the medium of blogging inthe first place is that they enjoy being able to makefrequent updates and posts that keep all of their visitorsup to speed with current situations. Mobile blogs, or”moblogs,” take this to the extreme by allowing users topost things literally as they happen. This new wave ofmoblogs and mobloggers keep web surfers up to datewith good and bad events of importance as they occurall over the world, helping to make internationalcommunication faster and more accurate.

Many people feel that the limitations of blogging have alot to do with geography. After all, there is only socurrent that a blog can be when you need to run homeand boot up in order to update it. However, mobileblogging marks the beginning of an thrilling new erawhen web-based communication can happenspontaneously from any location. Moblogging devicesmean that there is almost nowhere on the planet thatremains off-limits for bloggers.

Mobile blogging is still in its infancy because thetechnology that makes it possible has only recently hitthe global market. The first moblog technology becameavailable over a decade ago, but it is only the past twoor three years that mobile web devices have becomeuser-friendly enough to appeal to most consumers. Ascamera phones and other mobile technology becomemore popular, more and more bloggers are getting awayfrom their desks and are hitting the streets. Mobloggingis becoming much more widespread that it was even afew months ago, and mobloggers are quickly attractinga lot of attention with the blogging community. It is notyet clear whether moblogs will become the dominantkinds of blogs in the years to come, but the currenttrend seems to imply that moblogs are here to stay.

Mobile devices make it possible to blog from the siteswhere current events are unfolding, which is one of thereasons why mobile blogging has so much thrillingpotential to revolutionize the blogosphere. A mobloggerwith a camera phone can post blog entries from, say, thefoot of the podium at a presidential speech, or from thestands during the final moments of the world series.This enables bloggers to experience the same real timethrills that live television coverage provides, but in amore democratic medium. The combination of mobilityand individual control that moblogging providescertainly places mobloggers on the cutting edge oftoday’s communications technology, and it is hard toimagine that the number and prestige of moblogs willnot continue to grow in the coming years.

By Haadi