Lawyers specializing in personal injury cases are confronted with issues that are important aspects in the nation’s legal system. The practice of contingency fee system and flooding the American courts with frivolous lawsuits are but two of those issues.


However,Valuable Legal Services by Personal Injury Lawyers Articles no one can blatantly deny the fact that personal injury lawyers are important for their clients. Many clients can testify that a personal injury lawyers are professional legal service providers dedicated to bring justice to victims of negligence and wrongful conduct.


The contingent fee basis


Personal injury lawyers not only TPD Claims Lawyers in LA have given a priceless service for the justice system in America by dedicatedly working on a case on a contingent fee basis. This kind of attorneys/lawyers fee system means that the client only pays his lawyer once he recovered rightful payment for damages through a successful settlement or jury verdict.


If the personal injury lawyer failed to recover anything for the client, then he stands to receive nothing for the legal services he had provided. Thus, this is guarantee enough that they use discretion in taking up cases. They can only take case with merit and the high possibility of getting recovery for the client.


While personal injury law firms continuously advertise their services in order to seek clients, they have astute principles on taking up cases.


Advertising personal injury legal services


It was in 1980 when firms with attorneys specializing in personal injury cases first advertised over the mass media. They used the radio and television in order to broadcast their services to clients who have been victims of wrongful and negligent acts.


It was a bold step for law firms since during the previous years, no legal service providers attempted to advertise their services. It was only in the Yellow Pages that law firms can be found before the bold step taken up by personal injury lawyers.


Soon, the advertising of legal services became successful enough that most other law firms, even those practicing other branches of the law have followed suit.


When it was first practiced, the American Bar Association or ABA issued concerns that advertising of personal injury legal services by lawyers specializing in it might tarnish the professional image of every lawyer. They also expressed sentiments that it might lead to more lawsuits that are considered frivolous.


However, these concerns died down when in 1996, the ABA released a comprehensive study of the advertising done by its members. The report issued conclusions recognizing that the television advertising has become the means for legal services to be accessible for the poor and less privileged in the society.


Previously, this sector of the society did not know about or did not have access to their rights and dealing with personal injury lawyers.


The report also concluded that the reputation of lawyers who are experts in personal injury claims and litigations and all other lawyers have not been tarnished because of the television advertising.

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