Take a look around you, especially on the road. You will see a swarm of luxury cars from major car manufacturers gracing the streets. Whether cars have become cheaper or people are earning more money is a different discussion altogether. We are only interested in knowing what modern luxury car brand appeals to what kind of buyer.

Automobile market has been segmented according to buyer preferences. Cars belonging to the same segment will essentially have almost the same features with the only differentiating factor being the family they come from.


Most major car manufacturers represent some buyer perceptions and it is the typical character associated with their brand name that compels the buyer to make a choice between vehicles that have very few differentiating factors.

If we focus on just three of the major car manufacturers, we would realize that they manage to produce similar luxury vehicles in order to cater to the market segments and yet maintain a unique character in those vehicles that is specific to their make and symbolizes their brand.

By Haadi