Sofa beds are more than just an exciting dinner conversation topic. They have also become more than just a piece of heavy household furniture that only gets to be used when company comes over. In fact, the modern sofa bed is actually quite functional and attractive. That’s much more than I can say for the one we had back in the 70’s. Wow, what a beast that was! Manufacturers of sofa beds today are offering them in a wide variety of fabrics and designs. This article takes a look at several of the top companies making sofa beds today.

Perhaps one of the most attractive lines of sofa beds on the market today is made by a company called Kiira Designs. They have been in the furniture business for about 15 years and have facilities in Canada. They do all their manufacturing in North America. Their real strong suit is in making leather furniture. If you can think it up, they probably make it: ottomans, stools, recliners, chairs, theater seating and sofa beds. Of course, like any good manufacturer, Kiira offers their furniture pieces in not only leather, but also in other fabrics as well. Having lots of colors available also helps make it simpler to get exactly what you need to match your interior decor. And here’s something they do that you may not have thought of, custom embroidery. They will actually embroider what you want right on the furniture. So, if you are particularly fond of a certain sport team, have an allegiance to one of the branches of the military, or want a wildlife or other scene put on your furniture, they can do it. This is a particularly nice offering for corporate furniture or as a unique gift idea. Top of the line design in top of the line leathers makes this one of the real contenders. Definitely a company worth considering when you go to purchase leather furniture or sofa beds.


Another company producing sofa beds worth serious consideration is Furniture FX. They make furniture that is chic in appearance that has a sort of retro look to it. Their offerings are a bit more affordable when compared to Kiira and others, yet are top quality and long-lasting. The sofa beds have a very high customer satisfaction rating as their unique European click clac mechanism is highly user friendly and functional. Their sofa beds do come in a variety of leathers, fabrics and textures, including the popular micro suede fabrics. The entire sofa easily tips back to reveal a hidden storage area beneath the seat. Great for helping to keep things organized. They use hardwood for their frames, so long life can be expected from these sofa beds.

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If clean lines, durable upholstery, top of the line leathers, and classic good looks appeal to you. And if you have a need for a sofa that can convert into a bed then sofa  beds made by both Kiira and Furniture FX will appeal to you. Prices range from the mid hundreds up into the thousands. As someone who has slept on many sofa beds, owned and sold them, loved and hated them, moved them, and even burned them (that’s another story), I can attest to the quality, durability and style of the sofa beds made by these two companies. Don’t settle for less, and you and your guests will be forever grateful. There is nothing worse than nights spent on cheap sofa beds. There’s just something intrinsically irritating about that bar in your back that just takes all the fun out of it. Go for style and comfort from companies that do it right.

By Haadi