Optimizing the website for local SEO is no easy task as mistakes can drive away from the audience. It is the combination of the right keyword, on-page optimization as well as local SEO strategies to improve the local search for businesses.

Top 6 Mistakes To Avoid for Local SEO.

Use of wrong keywords

When it comes to local SEO, it is crucial to use the right keywords and make them highly specific. The unspecified keywords can lead to targeting a broad audience without focusing on the local audience. Always use geo-specific and location-based keywords to make it highly targeted.

The SEO agency in Mumbai optimizes the content with the local keywords. By mentioning the specific place in the keyword, it helps in target audience find the business through online search. Highly specified and geo-location-based keywords are necessary for optimization.

Lack of Google My Business Listing

The mobile app development services and website must make sure to list the business with Google My Business. This helps in increasing the ranking of the business in Google Maps and hence enhances the visibility of the business amongst local targeted audiences. Without Google My Business, it makes it difficult to find the business online.

Not Responding to Negative Reviews


Nowadays it is easy for clients or customers to leave a review of a business or the service. A single bad review can hamper the reputation of the business. Bad reviews on the site or third party sites can hurt the business and hence the damage can be controlled by responding to it.

Lack of Proper Backlinks

One of the solid strategies used by SEO agency in Mumbai is the use of backlinks to increase the credibility of the site. For local businesses, one of the things that are often overlooked is the use of building backlinks. High-quality backlinks are crucial for building website credibility. One of the best strategies is to improve site authority.

Highly Responsive Website for Mobile

Most people look for service or information online using mobile phones and hence if the website is not optimized and mobile responsive, it reduces the organic traffic from potential customers. If the app is not optimized for mobile, it is a big blunder and hence it is crucial to make the website easy to navigate, user-friendly, and optimized for local SEO.

Lack of Image Optimization

By Haadi