Health sector has seen a great deal of inventions and discoveries. Money has been invested in huge amounts to raise the benchmarks in terms of quality. Trends have entered and left the sector. One of these trends that seem to be ruling is the use of nutritional supplements. They have been referred to as the cure to health ailments; their status has been elevated to magnanimous heights. Before incorporating the use of such supplements in your daily life, it is essential to understand their pros and cons. Myths that are attached to the use of these nutritional supplements need to be cleared. It is good to know that people are very enthusiastic about keeping a check on their health ailments and wish to use these supplements. However, a few instructions should be remembered when you purchase these supplements. While purchasing them it would be helpful to look out for a label like this, “Quality guaranteed, independently tested and analyzed, meets standards for potency and uniformity” on the supplement. You should also understand the requirements of your body, if the purpose can be met with a multivitamin, then different supplements should not be taken. If there is a need for the fulfillment of a particular deficiency through a particular supplement, it would be good to consult a physician. In today’s times, consumers have to be smart, when they are purchasing these supplements. Some basics about science should be known. For instance, if a nutrient has excessive amounts of Vitamin C and B, these are water soluble in nature and are eliminated by the body in the form of various processes. The need of the hour should be purchased rather than any nutritional supplement with functions, which are not very useful to your condition. A myth about these supplements is that they can take place of regular food. This is a fallacy and should not be believed. 42 nutrients are required by our body and these supplements just

provide a part of this requirement. With these nutrients, fruits also contribute in a significant way. The key is the right balance, which many people forget. It is also important to understand that these additional nutrients will not provide anything in excess to our body but they will just help in striking a balance. Excessive nutritional supplements can cause harm to our body. Some can cause problems like hair loss, fatigue etc…Nutritional supplements are not needed by everyone. Senior citizens and people who eat food in limited quantities may need these supplements. Women who are expecting mothers could require iron supplements. Hexagon Nutrition Pvt.Ltd., a company which is an expert into clinical nutrition and health supplements has introduced PentaSure, which fulfills the requirement of a balanced nutrition. It is made of important elements like Soya Protein and Niacinamide. Soya Protein is a protein in a complete sense and is a storehouse of all the important amino acids. It has a part to play in improving the composition of the body.

By Haadi