Black tea is considerably more popular in Europe and North America. Countries in the Eastern Hemisphere, particularly China and Japan, tend to favor green tea.

Green tea and black tea are prepared differently, which accounts for their differences. Green tea is made when tea leaves are dried and steamed very soon after harvest. Black tea is made using oxidized tea leaves. This means they’re allowed to wilt and brown after being picked. The oxidation process causes the formation of two compounds: theaflavins and thearubigins. These compounds give black tea its distinctive taste and color, and also its possible health benefits.

Tea as Liver Detoxification

Liver has important role in clearing bloods from dangerous chemical tea has the same function as the natural cleanser of liver. Consuming tea daily could maintain the health of your liver regularly.

Tea Prevent Blood Clotting Risk

The other important function of liver is producing protein that could help in optimizing the blood to change into clot while tea has special ability to reduce or prevent the blood clotting risk. So, tea could enhance the function of liver optimally in coagulation process.

By Haadi