A graduation banner does add a real focal point at various parts of a great party. The banners are a really important part of any graduation party decorations. Banners have always been used to announce events, draw attention to them and perhaps to get the party started. You can buy or make banners. A graduation banner can be quite simple to make. However you can make the banner more complicated or even but a special design. There are lots of areas of a graduation party where you can use a banner. That can be in the front of the house, the driveway or backyard, for example. The graduation banner can be very eye catching and obvious or even more reserved. It can be fun and very interesting too if that is what you need. Also the banner can be used at a school party, home party, party at the park or bowling alley, for example. The position of the banner can make all the difference. The lighting you use to focus on the banner can make a big difference too.

2m roller banners
wide roller banner
wide roll up banner

Perhaps the most important thing is to design just the right banner for the occasion and the graduate. There are lost of great off the shelf designs in various colors that you can buy. They have different borders, some can have a photo added or even up to five photos, and the wording is usually just right in the way it congratulates the graduate. They come in various sizes to help you decorate your venue. They also have options to hang them up or they have adhesive backing. So you can get the right one. You can also have them personalised with the graduates name and school. If you are willing to pay for a customised one or to make your own then you can have any design you want. Starting with the graduation you could use colors that suit the graduate, the school or the venue. You can add the colors as part of the background, border, part of the graphic design and also in the wording. The colors might even be the graduates favorite colors. You can also add some kind of graphic. That could be a family or school crest, a smiley face or something synonymous with the graduate. I have seen a football helmet for example. Then you can decide on the wording you want to use.

The places you place the banner are important. The most obvious is the entrance , announcing the party. The banner can be lit effectively and surrounded with balloons and streamers. Also at the driveway a banner lets everyone know they are at the correct venue and sort of gets the party mood started. As part of the overall venue decorations and also in the backyard a graduation banner can be perfect, particularly on a large bare wall.

You can of course make your own graduation banner. That could be with a bed sheet decorated with paints suitable for the material. Then you can create all your own artwork and enjoy the challenge of creating a customised graduation banner.

By Haadi