and bb guns are cared for but have also seen a dramatic and welcomed increase in safety awareness. Handling any type of gun, be it a true firearm or a bb gun can be dangerous in irresponsible, or untrained hands. It seems that no matter where you turn these days someone is reported as misusing their gun.

My collection mainly consists of electric airsoft guns and air rifles which for the most part mimic their firearm cousins and so safety remains a top priority even when I’m shooting cans by myself in the backyard. Luckily for me I was taught safety measures by my father when I first showed sings of interest in things like bb guns and spring airsoft guns. Everything from how to hold a gun, how and where to point it, and everything in between was drilled into my head by my very protective father.

It’s such a shame to see individuals make such poor decisions both in anger and inpellet fapellet brikett fabrikett negligence now-a-days. Not only are those who choose to act irresponsibly hurting their victims and themselves but in turn cause problems for people like me who are responsible and safe bb gun owners. By using a bb or pellet gun for something like robbery only adds fuel to the fire of many who would like to see even recreations guns like bb guns outlawed or severely restricted.

As an owner of many different types of air guns it is sometimes a difficult pill to swallow when I watch the news and see people acting in such cruel fashion and using weapons to impose their will on others. I think that perhaps it so difficult to watch for two reasons. The first and most important, people are harming other people which is always horrific. Secondly I find myself getting upset at those who believe responsible people should pay a price for those who act otherwise. There is no reason restrictions should be posed on the mass when the minority behaves recklessly.

By Haadi