1. Test your network and start
QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise is one of the most happening and robust software, and its installation has various
ways. To ensure that your process of installation goes perfectly, you need to follow the given guidelines:-
Build Networks | Share Files | Grant/Access Permissions Requirements to start:-
One will need 2 kinds of people to help with setting up a new QuickBooks Enterprise
A systems/network administrator to tackle networking bugs and the sharing of files. It also has permissions to install and configure your Enterprise software
A financial bookkeeper or a manager to relate the company’s financial requirements, set up a company file, play the roles to access the company file and knows the areas of QuickBooks where users will need to access. If you don’t own resources at your place, or need any help regarding installation, you may seek guidance from authorized intuit pro advisors. They are the intuit professionals and can better help you in overcoming software complications.
Back Up Data From Previous Software:
Do remember to back up all your financial records and data files from your previous accounting system before you install new Enterprise version IRS used to save details for almost a decade
You should keep alive any older software and hardware from the previous a/coding system or should maintain printouts of your accounting information/reports Select your network yourself-
Network selection can be done in 3 ways:
Select the option that works suitably for your company.


QuickBooks Database Manager is installed on the main server that also saves your company file’s data. Enterprise is installed on each workstation and company file can be accessed on the network. Peer-to-Peer Option The company file is stored by the Main workstation, in the meanwhile, other workstations are able to access company file
over the network. And all the workstations have Enterprise installed with them and working properly. Service Option for a Remote Desktop
Enterprise application needs to be installed on the strong central server as the company file is also stored by it.
The workstations need not install Enterprise app. Instead, they are able to access the application and the company file over the server via Remote Desktop Services.
Alternatively, being a Linux user you may store your QuickBooks company file on its server and use Enterprise running on your Windows desktop client, to access that data.
Network Testing:-
Testing network bandwidth is necessary for multi-user work environment, whereas, for a single user installation where no file sharing is required, testing is not essential at all.
Make sure that your Internet connectivity is speedier enough to run Enterprise. After then, perform the procedure
on each PC on which software will be installed:
* Select data file with large space for testing
* Test file size must be in MB (megabytes)
* Write down the time (in seconds) once you copy your test file from a network location to PC
* Do calculation given below in order to determine the network bandwidth:
– File size (in MB) × 8 ÷ copy time
– For instance, 150 MB × 8 ÷ 25 seconds = 48 MB per second (Mbps)
* In case, your bandwidth has a network speed of 40 Mbps or more, your connection is configured for suitable
performance and if it’s below 40Mbps, your connection seems to be too slow to run Enterprise
For improvement in your network condition, consult with your Quickbooks Enterprise Support administrator and Dial 1-866-292-4631 Quickbooks POS number.

By Haadi