Travel has become the world’s largest industry, Pro Travel Network Business Review – Truths Exposed Articles accounting for nearly $7 trillion annually. Pro Travel Network has made a name for itself trying to stake a claim at this large sum of money. Let’s take a look at what the company has to offer.

A) How It All Started

Established in 2003, Pro Travel Network (PTN) has quickly become on of the leading travel companies in the world today. With current offices in the United States and Canada, the company plans to rapidly expand to Australia, Western Europe and the Pacific Rim countries.

This means potential big money for anyone serious about the Pro Travel Network travel agent opportunity. However, rapid corporate expansion can lead to company turmoil, but with the travel industry expanding so quickly, corporate expansion isn’t something to worry about in this case.

In early 2005 PTN received the coveted approval from the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission to become a publicly reporting company.

B) The Travel Agent Opportunity

Home-based business is a $427 billion a year industry. With the Pro Travel Network opportunity you can take advantage of both the booming home-based business sector and the always expanding travel business.

Essentially, in order to become a certified travel agent with this company you need to buy your ITAP card (Independent Travel Agent Program) and then potentially join some additional distributor options.

* $439.99 initial fee for your ITAP card

* $99.99 yearly renewal fee

As a Pro Travel Network independent travel agent, you will receive a 70% commission on sales. After you have completed the initial payments you will have some more distributor options to choose from – first, the RT (Representative Trainer) option

By Haadi