Yes, one of the quickest ways to get into business for yourself
is to buy the reprint rights for someone else’s product. It saves
you the time and effort of developing your own product. It lets
you start selling the product right away and you often keep all
of the money. The problem seen far too often is that too many
newbies buy totally worthless reprint rights. Then they devote
a lot of time and effort promoting something that’s only going
to be a big disappointment. Don’t you fall into this trap!

Before you buy any reprint rights, you need to really check them
out and confirm that it is something you can sell to your market.
You also need to make sure that the market for that product isn’t
already saturated. You *also* need to confirm that the value of
the reprint rights won’t be soon eroded by people selling the
product too cheaply… or even giving it away as a “bonus.”

You see this every day…. somebody working diligently to build
a website around marketing a set of reprint rights that others
are giving away. It’s often only after they have their
masterpiece on-line that they discover there is no real hope of
them selling many copies of this product. Don’t you fall into
this sad trap.

But how do you make sure that the value of your reprint rights
will hold up long-term? One way to do this is to only buy
reprint rights to products that are sold only in very limited
numbers. Also, buy reprint rights only for products where
the license agreement preserves the value of the product. Two
excellent examples of this type of reprint rights license is
Mark Joyner’s going out of business package, and the reprint
rights I offer to the recordings from my upcoming workshop.

Mark is getting out of the internet marketing business
altogether. So he is selling off a lot of proprietary source
code and the reprint rights to a lot of products. He is only
selling 2000 copies total, and he is selling these with a lot
of restrictions. If you are set up to market this type of
product, it’s an excellent value. Some of the source code is
uncompiled so you can basically create your own products with
his proprietary code. It’s not for everyone so look carefully
at what you get.

By Haadi