The photography industry is ultra competitive. To compete effectively, a photographer needs to offer more value than other photographers. A photographer can increase the value of his offering by using his artistic and technical expertise to consult his clients on the creation of collections.

A collection is a group of pictures grouped together in an artistic way to increase the appeal of the room. Many people purchase the print by focusing only on the picture. They purchase a number of stunning images from their photographer and hang them to the best of their ability.
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A successful OC wedding photographer in this competitive industry will offer an alternative. If his clients are open to the idea (it is sometimes difficult to change a person’s expectation) a photographer should work with his clients so they come away with a stunning wall or room and not simply an impressive image. The following is a list of value adding tasks a photographer can do to accomplish this goal.

1. A photographer should develop a library of collection configurations he can demonstrate to his client. Often clients do not yet know what would look good in their homes until they have seen some options. After seeing examples of how prints could be grouped they are better able to visualize what would look attractive in their home.

2. A photographer should discuss with the client what collection may look attractive in their home before the photo shoot. This will allow the photographer to shoot the session with the collection in mind.

3. If a client decides on a collection configuration, the photographer should make a proof sheet in the configuration of the particular collection with the client’s images after editing has been completed. The photographer can offer the proof sheet in different colored and types of frames.

4. The Orange County photographer should be willing to frame the prints. It is a major inconvenience to a client when, after working with his photographer to develop a concept he likes, he has to relay the concept to a person at a framing company. If the photographer already shares the vision, he should provide the means of turning that vision into reality.

By Haadi