Many people enjoy playing online poker. Many people also enjoy online role playing games. So why not combine the two into one interactive experience that uses the best parts of both worlds? As it turns out, some sites have already started this trend, and what they have created might surprise those who have always thought that online role playing games are only for serious computer nerds.

Online Poker is a Role Playing Game

What many online poker players do not recognize until they experience role playing sites is that online poker is already a role playing game. Poker players often imagine themselves sitting at a high roller table in Monte Carlo when in actuality they are just at home in front of their computer screens. Combining poker with online role playing platforms takes this fantasy to a more realistic level.

Creating an Online Role Playing Character for Your Poker Games


Online role playing sites give you the opportunity to create a card-playing character that lives in a famous gambling city like Las Vegas or Monte Carlo. The fun of creating a character for yourself is that you can follow his story, build his reputation and learn more about poker as you play the game. You might start out as a wannabe card shark living in a small Las Vegas apartment. But over time you can develop your character into a pro that travels the world for high-profile tournaments.

Playing Poker against Other Characters in Online Role Playing Card Games

Another advantage of online role playing platforms is that they make it possible for you to participate in a community of poker players. Your character does not live in a world without other people. In fact, depending on the site that you join, you might interact with characters controlled by people who live all over the world. This is an opportunity to learn new poker playing strategies as well as meet new people.

Are There Real Money Online Role Playing Card Games?

So far, the role playing sites that offer online poker do not have real money games. Some people claim, though, that they can make money by playing these games well. They might, for instance, make some money by selling characters that they have already developed. This hardly offers the excitement of playing poker for real money, though.

If more online poker players take an interest in role playing sites, then it is likely that a company will develop a real money version of the game. After all, the technology is already there. Players just need a casino to decide that it wants to integrate the RPG software with the poker software. This could lead to a more comprehensive gaming experience for those who enjoy playing real money poker online.

By Haadi