Selecting Online Date Service:

Look for dating service that has similar philosophy as your own. Examples: Single Parent Dating, Senior Dating, Christian Dating and etc.
Professional dating service and look for reviews online.
Established dating service.
Dating Service with large amount of members

Background Checks

New Jersey and New York have passed similar laws requiring members to have background checks. If the dating service your interested in does not require member background checks you may want to goggle prospect or run your own background check with prospects permission.

E-Mail Account

It is practical for online daters to a separate email address only for online dating. Separate account allows anonymity and can be cancelled at anytime.


On your date you want make rational decisions. Too many drinks will impair your judgment. Not too many drinks on a date.

Single Parents

Have reviewed trusted babysitters. Have a babysitter that you and your children are comfortable with and follows your instructions. Give babysitter your contact phone numbers.

Be Safe

By Haadi