But the increased use of mobile computing calls for data encryption to avoid unauthorized access to resources. Mobile phone has become the lifeline of internet savvy users who like to do everything on their smart phones from browsing through the information over internet, to connecting with the social media.

This has given rise to mobile computing that is slowly and steadily developing a strong foothold in various enterprises. Mobile enterprise deals with the concept of integrating mobile computing in the daily processes of enterprises. Leveraging upon advanced mobile technologies can lead to maximum utilization of a mobile enterprise.

A mobile enterprise is a corporation that supports critical business functions and business applications through the wireless mobile devices. An employee uses mobile devices to access his mail, manage projects, documents conduct and customer relationship management and enterprise resource planning. Many specific corporate applications are being developed and used around the world.

Mobile computing generally leverages mobile technology facilitated by internet based transmissions. As long as wireless internet connectivity is available, enterprise databases can be accessed and updated from anywhere in the world with any device equipped with a web browser and by anyone with permission to access such services.

A mobile enterprise is beneficial for higher workforce productivity and employee satisfaction and also a faster decision –making due to real –time access to the data. Cloud computing has given a new dimension to mobile computing as there are no associated storage issues for resources of an enterprise..https://www.entreprise-sans-fautes.com/

Employees with a unique identification and password can only access the enterprise’s sensitive information that is stored in secure servers through their mobile devices through the cloud. With the help of various mobile versions for ERP applications, a user may perform all the tasks through his mobile device which saves on the precious time and money.

With the advent of cloud computing, 4G and other high performance mobile systems, various advanced mobile platforms are developing ERP applications that can be used by small, medium and large corporations.

ERP applications on a mobile enterprise enable decision making and managing day to day operations in real-time. New developments in the mobile technology will make it even easier to manage enterprise resources.

The mobile enterprise market in India has grown by manifolds due to an increase in access to the enterprise data on the move and to gain a competitive edge in business. The advent of wider ERP applications for mobile devices has fuelled the growth for mobile enterprise services. Many industry verticals including retail, banking, financial services Insurance are exploiting mobile computing, being followed by pharmaceuticals, Transportation and Logistics.

The advancement of the mobile enterprise technology has streamlined the patterns of learning and communication, which is proving quite beneficial for an enterprise. But the increasing use of mobile computing calls for data encryption, so as to protect the data from unauthorized users. This protection is enhanced through data encryption technology.

By Haadi