As you are sitting here reading this allow your awareness to turn inwards into yourself.

Become aware of the subtle energy centres in the body and your connection to Mother Earth beneath your feet.

Reach up to the stars with your feelings and feel the whole universe as a part of yourself.

Using your imagination, visualise each of your energy centres or chakras opening and starting to radiate healing energy from each centre.

Focus on your connection to the planet. Visualise roots of energy growing out of your feet and spiralling down deep into the centre of the Earth.

As this connection gets established, visualise all the negative, stale energy being drawn down these roots. And, as the stale energy leaves your system, feel an exchange of energy taking place.

Feel fresh, revitalised energy coming up these roots into your body. Feel refreshed, revitalized, full of health, happiness, joy and vitality. Feel at one with the Earth.

Allow your attention to rise up your body to the base of the spine. Visualize your Base Chakra opening its four petals. See a vortex of lovely red energy radiating out. Feel it expanding and swirling all around and permeating through the physical body.

Go through this opening process with each Chakra in turn:

·The six petals of the Sacral Chakra radiating beautiful Orange light.
·The ten petals of the Solar Plexus Chakra radiating a lovely Yellow light, all the colours blending together, bringing balance and healing as each extra chakra is added.
·The twelve petals of the Heart Chakra radiating a soothing Green light. Feel the difference as we move from the lower chakras to the more

By Haadi