Room color for the northeast direction

Blue is considered the best color for rooms facing the northeast direction. You can try a light sky shade or a cornflower shade to give your guest a soothing feel.

Color for rooms facing east direction

People can consider both light blue and white for a guest room. You can use a single color or create a great combination with both colors to create a peaceful environment.

Color for rooms facing southeast direction

Pink and orange colors are suitable for a room facing the southeast direction. Both colors can help in creating positive energy and vibe. You can choose a shade of orange depending on your choice and preference.

Room color for the north direction


Green is the ideal color for the guest room facing north direction. However, you can use shades of green to give your room a new look and design.

Color for rooms facing the northwest direction

White, grey, or cream is ideal for rooms facing the northwest. However, people can use all the colors to create a charming combination to attract the visitor’s attention.

Room color for west direction

Choosing a blue or a white wall can help you attract positive energy if your room is in the west direction. Consider consulting a good carpenter to get the best designs for the room.

Color for rooms facing southwest direction

Peach, mud, or light brown color is the perfect pick for the rooms facing southwest direction. These natural hues can give your room a vintage vibe.

Room color for the south direction

Consider using red and yellow for rooms facing the south direction. These vibrant colors can provide instant energy and uplift your mood.

Why must a Vastu practitioner be consulted before choosing a room color?

It is said that the Vastu principle provides us with rules that can help us create positive energy in our space; though they aren’t mandatory, following them can benefit you in many ways. People can follow the guidelines and can still uniquely design their houses. If you are facing any issues, consider consulting a Vastu and expect to get through the issue. This will help you understand


People should follow the rules of Vaastu while choosing a color for the guest room. However, choosing the right color combination will not help you maintain the Vastu but will also offer you an aesthetic interior.

Consulting a Vastu practitioner can help create a positive aura near your house to protect you from negative energy. However, the suggestion may vary from person to person; consider visiting a genuine practitioner to get authentic information.

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