How To Start digital marketing agency in India

Digital marketing agency business is growing in India. Did you know that digital market spending is supposed to climb to $375 billion by 2021?  Digital marketing industry is fast growing as well as competitive industry. Due to too much use awareness to social media platform this business is at boom. This is right time to start digital marketing agency in India. Before registration of digital marketing business its import to understand simple guile How to Start Digital marketing business. For successful business operation you need to take care of registration formalities,How To Start digital marketing agency in India Articles taxation , compliances etc. So let’s get started on this exciting journey of starting a digital marketing agency and hope you will be able to get the maximum value out of these posts.


Benefits for digital marketing agency

Digital marketing company is easy to start in India. Best part is that you can start business from home as well. You just have to keep the positive attitude and maintain consistency in work.

  • Easy to setup
  • Social Media is at boom
  • Less Fixed Cost involved
  • Upfront Payment From Client
  • Retainer ship Projects make rich cash flow
  • It’s a Lead generation
  • Talented Resources available


How Much Money Is Needed To start digital marketing company in India

Investment to start digital marketing company range from anywhere from 1 Lac to 20 Lac. Appx. Cost/Money required for start digital marketing company depending on scope of work, office rent ,interiors , marketing cost , laptop cost etc. Cost to start digital marketing agency in India can be digital marketing agency divided in two parts one is fixed cost and second is running cost. The expenses to run a digital marketing may changes from city to city. Below is list of expenses to start digital marketing.

  • Digital marketing infrastructure including the laptop , server
  • Wifi / Internet equipments
  • Salary
  • Tax , Fees etc.
  • Insurance of Shop & Employees
  • Advertising & Marketing Cost
  • Electricity . repair & Maintenance
  • Campaign fees to Google , Facebook etc.
  • Office Rental
  • Professional Fees

How to choose Location for stating Digital marketing

A Digital marketing company dose not need a high footfall place. Its easy to setup digital marketing company is 250-400 Sq Ft room. Else you can start company from your home address as well. This greatly reduces the rental and overhead expenses. Now in India cities like Pune , Mumbai , Bangalore , Delhi etc. have shared premises office. Shared premises office gives you ready infrastructure to start business.

Business Registration of Digital marketing

For starting digital marketing business in India you need to register company.  In India there 4 most popular legal entity which can be using to start cloud business. On basis of ownership, compliances, VC investment, family business, tax rate etc. one may choose suitable business model.

  • Sole Proprietorship –
  • Partnership Firm – It’s A Good When You Have Co-Founders and Just Try the Idea with the Minimum Legal Cost.
  • LLP It’s A Real Company In India. More Than 90% Companies Are Registered In India As Private Limited Company.
  • Private Limited

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