At the federal level, Canada allows residents to grow up to four cannabis plants per household (not per individual) at home. However, individual provinces have imposed further restrictions. Exceptions to Canada’s default four-plants-per-household rule are:


British Columbia and Yukon. In addition to the four-plant restriction, any cannabis being grown at home must be kept entirely out of sight from public areas.

Alberta, Saskatchewan, British Columbia, and Nova Scotia. In these provinces, landlords are able to forbid tenants from growing cannabis in a rental property. Elsewhere, this issue can be more complicated.

Manitoba and Quebec. Growing your own cannabis is not permitted.


Prince Edward Island. Any cannabis you grow must be in a room that is inaccessible to minors.

New Brunswick. Cannabis can be grown indoors, but not outdoors.


Cannabis Legalisierung

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cannabis samen

cannabis samen

If you want to grow your own cannabis, you’ll have to buy your seeds from a legal source. Seeds can be expensive, but they’re still much cheaper than buying processed bud at a dispensary. And, if you are fortunate enough to produce so much cannabis from four plants that you exceed the personal possession limit in your area, the law requires you to destroy the extra. Health Canada recommends mixing it with water and cat litter to mask the scent, and then throwing it away with the regular garbage. They specifically recommend against burning it, for obvious reasons.


Nobody is allowed to sell cannabis that they grew themselves, either – it’s only allowed for personal use. And, if you’re growing weed for personal use, you have to grow it yourself. You can’t designate a housemate to do it for you.


How To Grow Cannabis At Home


Fortunately, cannabis is fairly easy to grow – they call it “weed” for a reason, after all. If you’re growing outside, you won’t need much. You’ll want a pot for each plant, soil and fertilizer, water, and a good location with the right amount of sunlight. Once you get the plants situated, all you have to do is water them. In about four months, they’ll be ready to harvest.

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