How to book American airlines with credit?

American Airlines is one of the biggest travel services in the world that allows many people to travel around the globe and provides travel services at various destinations.



There are certain cases when a user cancels the ticket and get travel vouchers as refunds for the future reservation.

Booking a ticket at AA with credits

You can book a ticket on this airline by using this process.

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  • Visit the website of American Airlines and navigate to the find flight American airlines reservations section.


  • Enter the details of the departure and arrival locations and select trip type.
  • Choose the travel dates and the number of passengers.
  • Select the seats for the air journey and enter the details of the passenger.
  • Make payment to the airlines for booking by using the travel vouchers.

You can use up to 8 vouchers in one attempt, if the travel cost exceeds the payment capacity of travel vouchers then the user can use other payment methods.


Booking a flight ticket with a mobile app

You can also book a ticket by using the application of American Airlines with this process.

  • Launch the American Airlines app on android or iOS devices.
  • Navigate to the booking section and enter the reservation details.
  • Make payment to AA by using vouchers and a complete booking process.

By Haadi