Undoubtedly,Guest Posting luxury and comfort is always the paramount consideration of many people in choosing a car. It has always been ideal that a car is capable of moving people without any hassle. However, for socially elite car seekers are more concerned of drawing social honour and social prominence. Driving a luxury car would define one’s status among their social group. For middle class earners, driving their very own luxury car is a fruit of a painstaking effort at work.*** What does SUV Stand for ***The progress and innovation of several luxury brands and products is almost a duty-free venture to every car manufacturing companies. The development of the luxury car is almost as natural as rolling wheel. Following the basic rule in economics, the demand of people for luxury car is positively addressed by many manufacturers. Nowadays, luxury cars are no longer confined in petite 2-door sedan or convertible cars. In Australia, the term luxury car would now pertain to luxury SUV, otherwise known as Sports Utility Vehicle.*** The Complete Vehicle Range ***Sports Utility Vehicles are classified as luxury cars by their cutting-edge features, equally present to other known luxury cars. The elegant, stylish, and extravagant body, exclusively designed interiors, lucrative leather sitting, powerful air-conditioning, latest audio-visual instruments, and polished wooden dashboards make them the center of limelight, sharing prestige with other luxury cars. Moreover, inclusive of price, they are more than deserving to be categorized as luxury cars. A high-end luxury SUV can range from approximately $80k to $120k. Depending on the range of price and the name established by its maker, Luxury SUVs are categorized into Entry-Level Luxury SUVs, Mid-Level Luxury SUVs, and High-End Luxury SUVs, the latter being the most expensive and luxurious SUVs.*** Award Winning Car Models ***Australia’s Motoring Clubs considered the common features of Luxury SUVs in judging the best one. The criteria include Value for Money, Design and Function, and Performance.In fact, just recently, the Australia’s Motoring Clubs, a prestigious group behind the annual Australia’s Best Cars Awards and Australia’s Best Cars Program online site, have officially included Luxury SUV as one of the best cars in Australia. The BMW X5 xDrive 3.0d was recently allocated and the currently reigning Best Luxury SUV among other luxury SUVs with a price ranging over $60,000, by the 2010 Australia’s Best Cars Awards.*** Value for Money Features ***In particular, SUVs considered, these Luxury Cars are measured by the monetary benefit one can gain from buying and using the same. Value for money includes competitive price, fuel consumption, running and repair costs, warranty, and depreciatio

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