Gold Ore Mining Process Equipment

Gold Ore Mining ProcessThe easiest process used for mining gold is panning, employing a circular dish often having a small pocket at the bottom. The prospector fills the dish with gold-bearing sand or gravel, holds it within a gentle stream of water, and swirls it. The lighter areas of the gravel are gradually washed off as well as the gold particles are still nearby the center with the pan or even in the pocket.To separate the gold in the gold ore collected in the mine tunnel, the ore was crushed with a series of gold ore crushers, for example primary jaw crusher found in preparing samples for assaying.

The first step of separate the gold from gold ore is crushing, then gold ore is crushed to be able to increase the surface area of the gold ore for greater gold recovery. Gold mining process equipment is loaded in to the primary crusher for initial sizing. The jaw crusher can break the gold ore rocks into 150mm or 6 inch, then belt conveyor will transport the crushed gold ore screening plant, which runs the gold ore through vibrating screens to size the fabric. Oversized rock is sent via conveyor to the secondary crushers. Secondary crushing includes impact crusher and cone crusher. inch diameter or smaller, lime is added to the ore to boost the effectiveness of the method solution by raising the PH. The gold ore is then conveyed for the load out bin. Trucks drive beneath the load out bin being filled with crushed ore for delivery towards the leach facility.

Gold Ore Beneficiation Plant:Because of the nature of the various types of gold ore is different from methods used by different dressing, but the commonly used re-election, flotation, amalgamation, cyanidation, and the resin slurry method in recent years, CIP adsorption, the new heap leaching of gold mining tool and equipment. For certain types of ore, of gold is often a joint process.Re-election in the rock gold mine used widely, more as a secondary process, in the autogenous mill to recover coarse gold, flotation and cyanidation process to create favorable conditions to improve the mineral index, increased the total recovery of gold on the increased production And reduce the cost to play a positive role. About Shandong Province, more than 10 with gold plant using the re-election this process, the average total recovery can be increased by 2% to 3%, good economic efficiency of enterprises, according to incomplete statistics, the annual profit of several million dollars available. Henan, Hunan, Inner Mongolia and other provinces also achieved good results, with the main chute equipment, shaker, jigger and short-cone cyclone and so on. Most of the gold mines from our view, floating – Re Joint processes for use in the future we should vigorously promote the stage grinding stage sorting process, this can be advocated, as early as the principle of closing the dressing.

By Haadi