Opening a new candy store is exciting, but there are plenty of preparations to make before Opening Day.Because acrylic containers are ideal choices for storing and displaying candy, you’ll want to make sure you choose the best ones for your store. The three questions below will help you find the best acrylic bulk dispensers for your new candy store.What Kind of Candy Does Your Store Sell?As a new candy store owner, you probably already know – or have a pretty good idea of – what kind of candy your store is going to sell. Now you just need to look through your inventory and decide what kind of candy would work best with acrylic bulk dispensers.Acrylic candy containers work best with unwrapped candy simply because, if you choose versions with lids and scoops, they provide the best protection for the candy. This is why many states’ health departments require candy store owners to use acrylic bins to store and display unwrapped candy.Take a look at the kind of candy your store sells. Do you have unwrapped candy? Candy that would work well in gravity bins? The kind of candy a customer would rather select and scoop out himself? These are just a few of the kinds of candies you can display with acrylic bulk dispensers.Where Do You Want to Display That Candy?Now that you have an idea of what kind of candy you want to display, it’s time to think about where you want to display it. Knowing both the kind of candy you want to display and where you want to display it will help you start choosing the kinds of acrylic bulk dispensers you should use.The three most common places to create candy displays are on countertops or tables (acrylic round face bins, acrylic mini bins, acrylic gravity bins, and acrylic towers work well in these display areas), on your store’s floor area (where you can use any of the previous acrylic bulk dispensers paired with other display fixtures like display racks), and along your store’s wall (in which case you’ll need wall shelves or slatwall fixtures). Have You Made the Most Convenient Choices for Your Customers?Obviously, at attractive candy display is crucial; however, even the most visually appealing candy display will be ineffective if it isn’t convenient for customers.Once you’ve decided on the kinds of candy you want to sell and where you want to display that candy, have a walk-through of your store, paying extra attention to those areas. If you use that large candy display shelf, will there still be enough room in the aisle for your customers to easily walk past it? If you use a slatwall display or other wall shelf to display your acrylic bins, will all of the bins easily be within your customers’ reach? Does using that acrylic bulk dispenser on your countertop take up too much space and make it difficult for customers to pay for their purchases?These are the kinds of questions you must ask yourself as you’re making the final decisions about your new candy store’s acrylic displays.

By Haadi