on travelling which is incidental must be paid. There are many alternate transportation programs which can be provided to the employees. These are vouchers, passes, etc. Travel expense are provided on monthly basis to the employees. Through their travel to different corners of the world, they gain experience of what is happening at the other end of the world. They get the experience which will help them to progress in the business. Involving employees in the overall business activities will help them to progress and realize their objectives and goals. Employee travel is taken as positive space for company purpose. Many airlines deal with employee travel through internal airline bureau. They are only during office hours. Through employee travel we can help employees to contribute to our business anywhere at any time which helps in reducing the cost of maintainig offices. If the trip is made during the working hours of the employee then he has to be paid for it in the form of travel allowance. There is travel support provided to the employees. When the employee is on a business trip then the https://dailyfordlamdong.co/ employee is paid with daily allowance which is based on overseas travel plan. The daily allowance of travel is being divided into four components that are as follows:- The expenses of the hotel accommodation which excludes food expenses, telephone bills, email expenses.- The boarding expense that includes the cost of meals for the period of 24 hours.- Tips given at hotel, shopping during the travelling period will be claimed as personal expenses and will not be included in the employee travel expenses.- The means of travel whether it will be a bus, train or luxury bus would be decided by the company and it will be claimed under travel expenses.- The employee is also entitled to the expenses like Visa processing cost, travel expenses from airport to hotel, expenses of the airport taxes will also be paid by the company during the employee travel.- All the official calls made within the country will be counted.- The employee can also claim for the inland air travel within the country.Employee should follow the required guidelines while they are on oversea travel. Employee travel is a travel made by the employees during their working hours for work purpose, so they have the right to get paid for the expenses during their travelling hours. This travel is basically made by them for professional purpose. Medical insurance too are provided to the employees during the travel period. The insurance covers any incident or personal accident during the travel. Any accident that happens during the travelling hours will be paid by the company. The complete medical expense is borne by the company. A company does a lot to provide an easy and comfortable travel to their employee whilst on outdoor trips. It helps in employees doing their job duties in a much better and stress free way.

By Haadi