It turns out that the formula “perfect gentleman” is translated by male beings and ladies in a very different way. Because of this misapprehension there are all sorts of collisions and difficulties between the two sexes. This relationship problem is as old as the mankind itself. Philosophers and priesthood, psychoanalytics and political leaders were seeking to find any way out of this unending dilemma, but it appears they went wrong till now. I suppose that in these queasy times of economic hullaballoo along with a quickly developing technological progress, it is only the sense of humor, that assists the best way to view a problem from a different perspective. Only when you joke about a question, you find a thousand ways of solving it. Our consciousness gets purified and sets off to a free flight in a originative irrepressible mental imagery.

Now I’ll disclose these secrets.

For a lady, the best guy is the guy to whom his woman says, “Hey, I liked a fur coat lately in some boutique for 10 000 dollars. I need it badly!” And the perfect man responds to his wife: “Fine, My sweetheart, I will take a day off tomorrow, I intend to take a credit in my bank right in the morning, then we’ll go shopping all day long, I am looking forward to buy something very pricy!”

For a madam, the best man is he who comes out of a parked automobile and calls out with pleasure: “My lovely, you parked the automobile perfectly, my Lexus was already crumpled!”

A perfect gentleman for a lady, is that who goes to shower in the morning and then his wife wakes up a little bit later, then goes to a water closet, and spots a lovely steamed heart in the bathroom mirror on the wall!

For a madam, the best guy is when you are two being behind time for his birthday party, and he calls out: “So what that 100 friends are ready and waiting, Babe, do not make haste, just thoroughly select a dress to put on! Frankly speaking, for me your wardrobe is much more important than my own natal day!”

For a lady, a perfect gentleman is not the one who went to a club on his own BMW, hooked up with three chicks with him and went home to party… No, don’t mention it, a perfect guy for a lady is the one who is sitting beside her in his car and saying: ‘Look, I’d rather not go shopping today, I’ll be all right without a coat this winter season. I’d rather drive you to hairdresser’s, because I see that your hair already started splitting.”

An ideal guy is perpetually perpetually to persuade his madam. He says, lets get you a dog, and I will constantly square away her doo-doo myself.

For a lady, the best man is he who makes love to her for five hours on end and then another five hours right along telling her about all kinds of cool things until she dopes off, winding his hair round his finger, the same as all madams do!

The best gentleman for a girl is he who himself awarded her with a bouquet, then himself put them in a vase, filled some water in there, added a few drops of sugar, a few drops of salt and a few drops of iodine. So that the blooms hold out longer.

An ideal guy for a madam is the one who gets to work in the morning, and his honey gets up in the morning at his home and sees a note on a wall with the following: “Hiya, My lovely your breakfast is on the table and my password to facebook is two six one five eight six eleven one!”

By Haadi