Electron beam wafer inspection system is a semiconductor fabrication device, which is primarily used during the process of semiconductor wafer manufacturing. The primary application of the system is to locate a fault in the wafers before packaging it. With the growing technological advancement the application of electron beam wafer inspection system is spreading across the automotive, industrial and consumer electronics field globally. The market has been segmented into by application which includes consumer electronics, automotive, industrial segment among others. The market for electron beam wafer inspection systems by geography has been segmented into, Europe, North America, Asia Pacific, Middle East and Africa and South America.

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With rising research activities in the field of e-beam wafer inspection system, the application of the system are growing in the high-end industrial, consumer electronics and automotive application segments. Growing adoption of consumer electronic and communication devices is one of the major reasons behind the rising popularity of e-beam wafer inspection system. Increasing usage of smartphones, LCDs, SSDs, LEDs, tablets, and other wearable smart gadgets are fueling the market for e-beam wafer inspection system across different regions globally. Furthermore, rising demand for advance quality silicon wafers in the semiconductor devices is one of the prime factors fueling the market.

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The growing research and development in the field of advanced electron beam wafer inspection solutions and equipments for major semiconductor processing fabs is contributing in the positive development of the market. Electron column and electron gun technologies are effective and crucial fault inspection solutions and algorithms. Furthermore, in the manufacturing process of high end and advanced IC, electron-beam inspection plays a crucial role. Moreover, the application of electron-beam inspection system plays an essential role where sensitivity is required to find defects in the process. The system is also important in the production process in order to monitor major process steps primarily for fault excursions. E-beam wafer inspection technology is generally applied to locate physical faults which are unable to detect optically. The system can find the subtle defects in the time of manufacturing process while introducing new device structures and materials.

Asia Pacific is dominating the electron beam wafer inspection systems market worldwide. Rapid usage of consumer electronics and communication devices such as smartphones, tablets, wearable, LCDs, LEDs, SSDs and other smart electronic devices in economies such the Japan, China, South Korea, Taiwan, South Korea and India is contributing in the positive growth of this market across Asia Pacific (APAC). North America is another major region which is contributing in the positive growth of the electron beam wafer inspection systems. The U.S., Mexico and Canada are some of the major economics contributing in the positive development of this market. Brazil, Argentina and U.A.E are expected to witness positive growth over the forecast period from 2016 to 2024 across South America, Middle East and Africa. With increasing advancement in the consumer electronics, industrial and automotive field, the application of electron beam wafer inspection systems is growing rapidly.

By Haadi