Create a Magic Connection with Clients, Leads, and Business Associates — Part I
By Cora L. Foerstner

A few months ago, arriving at a client’s office to begin a group meeting, I discovered that two women, who had committed to joining us for a series of meetings, had changed their minds. In less than two minutes, I convinced them to join us. Did I use some sort of magic? You bet I did. Would you like to know that magic?

Neuro-Linguistic Programing (NLP), a science that studies the language of the mind, breaks down, step-by-step, the strategies humans use to connect with others. Most people believe that we communicate primarily through language and words. Yet, many business people are aware of body language and its importance in interacting with people. Some may be aware of studies that show that language has less influence on others than physiology and tonality. If we want to connect with others, it behooves us to be consciously aware of how we use physiology and tonality as well as how we use words.

Here is the brake down of how we communicate: 7% through words, 38% through tonality, 55% through physiology. It’s clear that if we focus our communication only on words and language, we are missing out on 93% of our resources for communication. NLP teaches that anyone can establish rapport with another person instantaneously. Rapport in NLP is defined differently from its usual definition. Rapport, as NLP views it, is not developing a relationship, although it may lead to relationship. NLP defines rapport as an instant connection with another person, usually taking place at the subconscious level.

When people meet and instantly feel they know each other, or people are instantly comfortable with each other, this is rapport. “I feel as if I’ve known you for years” is a statement that shows instant rapport.

This kind of rapport happens all the time. People practice rapport unconsciously with friends, family, and new acquaintances. NLP helps us to do consciously and with volition what we do naturally but often unconsciously with the people we know and meet.

By Haadi