It is hard to explain why so many men and women alike have been drawn to cars that have been modified or “suped up”, but there is definitely something that attracts many folks to cool suped up cars. While there are certain demographics of people that enjoy suped up vehicles more than others, it is hard to point out any specific type of person that does or does not enjoy hopping in a suped up ride and seeing what it can do.

What exactly is a suped up car? Essentially, it is a car that has been modified to run better, faster, and more powerfully. This can be arrived at through a variety of methods, and happens with all types of cars. Modified cars can include anything from American muscle cars to imported coupes. There really is a world of options available as far as what car to “pimp out” and what kinds of things can be done. In fact, this array of options and possibilities is a lot of what draws people to making performance improvements on cars in the first place.

Some of the more popular cars to improve are imported Japanese cars, affectionately referred to as “rice rockets”. These cars are beloved for their affordability and the wide variety of parts that are readily available to turn them into cool suped up cars. Of course, the popularity of such movies as “The Fast and the Furious” and its sequels didn’t hurt, either! Cars such as the Honda Civic, once relegated to being driven by grocery buying homemakers, are often the recipient of thousands of dollars of performance improvements. Other popular models that are not imports include Chevy Cavaliers and Dodge Neons.

American muscle cars have been popular targets for those who like to make performance improvements to their vehicles since the 1960’s, with cars such as the Ford Mustang and Chevy Camaro continuing to attract attention from modders. These cars aren’t as affordable as some of the other cars that get worked on, but they have more power and performance that comes standard than popular import

By Haadi