Even though there was a war between the states, both Confederate and Union soldiers still drank their morning coffee. But how did they make it? Obviously, being in the 1860’s and in the open fields and battlegrounds, there were no electric coffee makers, cappuccino machines, and not even latte! Jim McCoach, a Civil War reenactor for 25 years, has recreated the method they used and named it Open-Pot Brewin’.

Open-Pot Brewin’ is a unique technique developed by Coach’s Coffee to serve Civil War reenactors coffee in the field. First, Coach’s Coffee starts with their own blend, Coach’s Blend. This blend is made of 5 types of Arabica beans. Arabica beans are grown at a higher altitude than Robusta beans and have a smoother taste. If you want to create your own blend for Open-Pot Brewin,’ mix and match several types of beans until you get the taste you prefer. For more information on Creatin’ Your Own Blend, email coach@coachscoffee.net.

Open-Pot Brewin consists of several steps. Start with the best blend of Arabica beans. Grind your coffee to a very fine grind – it would be what is called “Drip” grind in grocery stores. Heat the water to just below boiling. This is a very important step, as boiling water will make the coffee bitter. Pour water over the grinds. Stir the grinds down twice letting them rise to the top each time. Strain the grinds and serve.




A French Press coffee pot or an antique pot is needed for this procedure. No filter is used which produces a rich coffee taste. See our affiliate Chef’s, and type French Press in the search box and click on Bonjour. The French Press should be about $19.99.

Coach and Paula McCoach have been serving coffee in the field to America’s reenactors since 1997. Cups of coffee made with their special coffee makin’ technique, Open-Pot Brewin’ have been enjoyed by thousands Coach’s Coffee is the creator of many blends and coffee enjoyin’ techniques.

By Haadi