Any or all of these options may be unpalatable to you, and
for good reason. They certainly were to me. But what if
you didn’t have to do any of that? What if there was a way
to have people approach YOU to join your business rather
than the other way around? What if you didn’t have to hold
face-to-face meetings at ALL? What if you didn’t have to
make a single approach to someone you know? Or to
someone you don’t? Would you think differently about
network marketing then?

Well, there is such a way. Running a network marketing
business using the Internet.

I’ve heard many people say that it’s just not possible to run
a network marketing business exclusively online. Well, I’m
here to tell you different. Because I’m doing it and if I can
do it, so can you.

Before I tell you a bit more about how a network marketing
business can be run exclusively online, let me clear up a
couple of possible misconceptions. First, running an online
business does NOT mean creating a website and then sitting
back expecting the business to run itself. You will work every
bit as hard in an online network marketing business as you will
in an offline network marketing business. This is just a
different method, that’s all.

Secondly, when I say “exclusively” online, I mean that’s where
your lead generation and prequalification work happens, it does
NOT mean you will never have to pick up a telephone and speak
to a real, live person at the other end.

OK, so what’s involved in running a network marketing business
online then?

The first thing to understand is that network marketing, just
like Internet marketing, is a numbers game. It is for this precise
reason that network marketing is IDEALLY suited to being run
online. Why? Because ANY Internet business is a numbers
game. Just ask anyone with a web site what their focus is when
their web site is up and running. It’s traffic. It’s getting as
many people to their web site as they can because somewhere
in the range of 2% – 4% of site visitors will click on a link that,
in some fashion or another, can generate revenue for the web
site owner. Of those 2% – 4% of visitors who click on the link,
however, only 1% or so of THEM will go on to buy after clicking
on the link. Ergo, with such tiny response rates, high traffic is
the name of the game. The same principle holds true for your
network marketing business.

At its core, network marketing is a simple business. It’s all
about generating leads, qualifying those leads and then
following up with those qualified leads until they take the action
you want them to take (or tell you to stop) – either purchasing
product from you or joining your downline as a productive


How do you generate leads? This depends on your starting
position. If you already have an established web site and
your network marketing business is a natural fit with that
existing site, then you will not need to do too much in the
way of additional lead generation for your network marketing
business other than including a link to your network marketing
company’s web site from your existing site.

But if you don’t have an existing web site, you’re going to
have to start from scratch. You’re going to need to create
a web site (on a subject matter of interest to people who
would also be interested in your network marketing business

opportunity or products), link to your network marketing
company’s site from that web site, submit your site to the
search engines (and employ all the myriad other ways of
driving traffic to it) and you’re going to have to start
publishing an ezine (electronic newsletter) on a relevant
subject and on a regular basis and build a sizeable subscriber
list (again using a variety of different methods).

To generate significant traffic to your site and subscribers to
your ezine is going to take time. Lots of it. Months, in fact.
You should probably allow a year before it’s at a size that will
make much of a difference.

In the meantime, you’re going to have to generate leads in
other ways. The two primary effective methods are paid
advertising (both for your network marketing business
opportunity and the products your business promotes) and
you can pay for leads.

By Haadi