NavInfo new assistant general manager and Product Director of the Centre, Mr. Jin Shuixiang advantages and characteristics of the the NavInfo voice and ADAS map data products. He said: “NavInfo is the first map to participate in the development and production of voice map data vendors, is also the first to the development and production of the ADAS precision map data map makers NavInfo launch of these two The new products will help improve the speech recognition rate and traffic safety, to bring greater value to customers. ”

China GPS as emerging technology services industry, has not yet been economies of scale. GPS operators in this grim situation, still have mushroomed developed, this phenomenon thanks to the support and encouragement of national policy. Followed by the increase of car owners, with the market demand, there is the conduct of business. Accompanied by hot emerging industries of Things, the impact of demand and top to bottom search of the whole industry chain, China GPS operators to comply with the development of the times, gradually grew up in the opportunities and challenges of all parties, it pays off, and strive to always harvest We look forward to the future of GPS utilities exhibit a bright future.

With soaring international oil prices, contrary to the status of oil field depletion, whether international or domestic car ownership continued to grow to become an inevitable momentum. Traffic congestion, environmental pollution, increase in transportation costs, all kinds of problems around the car is becoming increasingly serious, cause people can no longer be a leaf shelter head blindly complacent increase of cars on the road, can not simply be glad to born in the automobile age. Automotive industry, companies want to use new technology to open up new horizons, and the maximum to reduce the gasoline-based car era the negative impact on people, environment, economy.

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Diesel vehicles and electric cars as a new energy vehicles gradually into the spotlight. Bring diesel vehicles, is “pollution”, “poor performance” and “eating oil”, especially in the U.S. and Asian markets, which had strongly resisted a firm attitude in people stereotype diesel vehicles. But now, the diesel car again a face-lift to occupy the market, great with other mainstream fuel such as gasoline and other meaning of a showdown. Audi, Land Rover and other high-end brands have launched diesel vehicles, diesel vehicles origins deep Bosch played this year, now enjoy the ‘diesel’ can “slogan,” Chai “green logo, emphasizing the diesel clean. The advantages of fuel-efficient.

The development of electric vehicles in recent years, the sa

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