The Success of Ad Swapping
In a recent conversation with Jim Daniels, he revealed that he had not incorporated ad swapping into his new site due to a lack of experience with the method. Given my positive experiences with ad swapping, he invited me to share my insights on the topic.

Ad swapping has proven to be a highly effective strategy for me. I am a subscriber to Ezine-Swap, a platform that exclusively features ezines looking to exchange ads. The platform provides all the necessary information about each ezine, including circulation and target market, making it easy to identify potential partners. For instance, I often target women for my products. I typically send out five emails requesting a swap and receive a positive response 98% of the time.

Exploring New Ad Swapping Opportunities
I recently joined Binky’s Swap Club, although I am yet to determine its effectiveness for my business. I have agreed to accept four ads and have my ad published four times. This process requires me to send a courtesy copy to each person I run an ad for, which is slightly more time-consuming than simply adding them to my mailing list.

One crucial aspect to consider is not to overload my content with ads, as this could lead to none of them being noticed.

Tracking Ad Swapping Success
While my tracking system does not indicate the exact ezine generating hits, I can infer based on the dates and when the ezines are printed. As a new site with a modest number of hits, I am satisfied with the 10 to 20 hits per ezine I receive from ad swapping. This method has proven more effective than previous ezine advertising efforts, which cost me money. Ad swapping only costs me time and allows me to target my ads effectively.

Testing Ads Through Swapping
Another advantage of ad swapping is the ability to test ads at no cost. If an ad does not perform well, I can easily modify it until it does. Once I have a successful ad, I can use it for larger, paid advertising campaigns.

In my experience, ad swapping has been as effective as paid ezine advertising. However, to reach larger audiences, paid ezine advertising may be necessary.

I highly recommend ad swapping as an advertising strategy. If you have any questions, feel free to contact me at

Ad swapping is a cost-effective method that can help businesses reach their target audience. Platforms like Ezine-Swap and Binky’s Swap Club provide opportunities for businesses to exchange ads and increase their reach.

By Haadi