Ever wanted a magazine shop that not only provides you with a wide collection of magazines, but also convenience in buying them? Well there are some magazines that provide subscription on their magazines so they can provide you with the latest magazines every month, but the only drawback on subscription based payment is that you don’t have the control over your budget.

Well that is what M-Express is trying to minimize, by providing a convenient way for people to buy their magazines may it be subscription based or order-per-title based allowing you the flexibility to control your budget.

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M-Express is an online magazine shop based in the Philippines that provides every Filipino in the country the opportunity to buy some Philippine Magazine without the need for them to go out. M-Express is also the first ever door-to-door Philippine Magazine delivery service in the country. It is also the convenient way to order Philippine Magazine anytime and anywhere you are in the Philippines.

M-Express’s collection of Philippine Magazine includes Art Philippine Magazine, Auto and Cycle Philippine Magazine, Business and Finance Philippine Magazine, Children Philippine Magazine, Cooking and Food Philippine Magazine, Entertainment Philippine Magazine, Fashion Philippine Magazine, Health and Fitness Philippine Magazine, Home and Gardening Philippine Magazine, Lifestyle Philippine Magazine, Men`s Philippine Magazine, Photography Philippine Magazine, Sports Philippine Magazine, Teens Philippine Magazine, and Women`s Philippine Magazine.

M-EXPRESS can also provide the most popular magazines here in the Philippines such as Calibre: The Luxury of Time, FOOD: The Philippines’ Largest Selling Culinary Magazine, METRO: The Independent Woman, ABS-CBN Publishing, C-Magazine, Digital Photographer, English M Publishers Inc, Hinge Inquirer Publications, Rogue Magazine, and many more Philippine Magazine.

M-EXPRESS.COM is owned and operated by eLBC Direct, Inc.,

By Haadi