The rc cars are very popular today. These cars use radio frequency to operate its whole functions. There is a receiver in the car to catch the radio frequency which is sent by the controller. And on the other hand there is a sender device in the controller which takes directions from the user and sends the code to the receiver machine which is in the car. After receiving the instructions the system of these cars have to go through a long engineering process and thus these complete their whole procedure.

In an electronic model car generally use batteries as their power source. Some rc cars have rechargeable batteries and other use non-rechargeable batteries. Gasoline models used some chemical mixture as their power source. Castor oil or other synthetic oils are used as the power source things are common in all cars. That are all of the cars have a transmission and in except these engineering differences these cars are also different by their uses. Some cars are made as a toy. These are called toy grade cars.

Some cars are same as real cars these may called concept cars. There is also another type is exist. These are hobby cars. These types of cars are now widely used. Maximum times these are used as toy cars. But these are also used as commercial purposes. Sometimes they are used in some scientific purposes. As for example a radio control car which is fitted with a camera can go through a place which a man can’t go or it becomes dangerous for a man to go. This helps men to know about that place. Even some cases these types of cars are used as some spy works.

Today radio control motor races are also held in many countries. In these events inventors do their best to win the race. In some races big prize money are also given. So we may realize that how the rc cars are getting popular day by day. Today we find these cars

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