Air Slide Belts (also recognized as Air Slide Conveyor Belts, and Pneumatic Gravity Conveyor Belts) are a kind of conveyor belt that is used in dry solid powder conveying. This process of transportation is cited to as ‘Pneumatic Conveying’ by which pneumatic gravity conveyor systems protect long distances and transport materials from some point to another by means of air-activated gravity.

As an outcome, the belt needs a level of air absorbent to allow the air activated gravity method to send air up and through the conveyor belt, letting the power to carriage through the conveying system from point A-to-B.

What are Air Slide Belts Made from?

Air Slide belts (Air Slide Fans, Air Slide Blower) can be made from a number of resources in mixture. However, some belts are created from 100% polyester or nylon. The major raw resources that air slide conveyor belts such as Air Slide Fans and Air Slide Blower are created from are usually; nylon, polyester, P84 Polymides, or Nomex.

The finest air slide belts are abrasion resistant, rot and mildew resistant, while also being able to be utilized in temperatures reaching from 30’C to 150’C.

A decent air slide belt creator will manufacture a belt with resources that reflect the requirements of the solution. Each resource can be laced to a required air absorbent, depending on the ‘holes’ from which the low-press air needs to purify through the belting resources.

Mostly, these types of air slide conveyor belts are solid woven using the warp and weft threading technique. However, it needs demands of a different weave, cr

By Haadi