You must have seen all of those letters in magazines and newspapers. Where people write to this or that publication asking for free advice. But did you know that there are now private agony aunts? These private agony aunts work in an advice columnist job instead. They are self employed. The ones who became well known are sought after with loads of clients who recommend them. As each month passes they get more and more clients and can soon turn a very part time thing into a full time thing if they wish to. One of the wonders of doing an advice columnist job is that you dictate your terms. You are not answerable to anyone. If you agree to sell your advice to someone that is all you agree to do. They cannot make any claim on how you spend your time and all the rest.

An advice columnist job is something you can do now and then or part time or full time. I’ve been doing this type of thing now and then when it suits me. In between I travel the World visiting lots of different countries. Often on a cruise. It’s great. And working in an advice columnist job is what pays for it. It would be impossible otherwise.

Why does it pay so much? Because there are loads of people wanting advice and few who are willing to put in the effort and time to advise them. And many who would love to be in better and happier lives rely on this advice so they would rather pay someone for good advice than make do with reading the free advice forums. An advice columnist job is something to be proud of because you can tell all of your loved ones about it and feel good about yourself. But most of all because you can be sure you can pay all of your bills and have plenty left over to treat yourself. Perhaps for a cruise?

Working in an advice columnist job can bring you many benefits. Being able to pack in a job that pays less is just one of them. Doing something a lot more interesting is another. And, being able to feel you are useful to society and change peoples’ lives is another. I gave up a very well paid job to do this instead. But I made sure that this paid well, I was not going to go without my lovely cruises. Or collecting my crystal paperweights and owning five pedigree dogs.

By Haadi