This morning, after my wife and I walked the dog, we took some time to look at the flowers in our garden. The morning was still cool, but we knew that the temperature was already climbing and would be somewhere in the 90s today.

Some yellow daisies where swaying gently in the light breeze, as if to say, “look at me. Here I am.” Where they trying to catch my attention, or the attention of honey bees and butterflies? Though God made the flowers for us to enjoy, I suspect that they are more interested in attracting the attention of the insects that will help spread their pollen. The flowers need to attract the attention of the insects to survive.

Internet marketers that have their own website are much like the flowers. They must attract the attention of potential visitors and entice them to visit the web site. If no visitors come then the site will eventually die.

How to attract visitors to a site is what the very broad subject of Internet marketing is about. Numerous articles and books have been written and are available about Internet marketing. Let’s just look at one small part of it today.

As you watch the honey bees and the butterflies on the flowers you notice that they stay on one flower for a while, then go on to another for a while. Sometimes they stay on a flower for a very short time and sometime they stay for a fairly long time. Sometimes they come back to the original flower and sometimes they do not.

The people that visit our web sites act much the same. Some times they just take a quick glance and click to another site. Sometimes they stay longer and look around. It all depends on how interesting your site is. Does it have a good headline that captures their interest and makes them want to get more information? A good headline is probably the most important single item on your website. Take time to create a good headline.

Is the site simple to view? A site should not have text written on a background with a design. It is too hard to read and often the viewer will click away instead of trying to read it.

Is it easy to read? If there is not enough contrast between the background color and the text color then it could be hard to read. Whenever I see a site with black letters on a dark color background I leave immediately. So do a lot of other visitors.

Does the site take too long to load? Many people have very little patience these days. If the site is slow to load they get tired of waiting and go to a different site.

Does your site have music? If it does be sure the music is appropriate for the type of visitor that you are trying to appeal to.

Ok, you’ve done things right and the visitor stays around long enough to get beyond your headline. How long will you be able to keep the visitor?

Is your site easy to navigate? Are the buttons easy to find and understand? If the visitor gets confused he can get frustrated. If he gets frustrated he is very likely to leave in favor of a new site.

Does your site have a benefits list? Most people are looking at your site because they want something. If a quick read of your site fails to show them that you can provide what they want then they are out of there. This is where a strong benefits list is important. If they see their ‘want’ in a benefits list they will read on for more details.

Everyone loves a story. People start reading a story and keep reading until the story is finished. If you visitors start reading a story on your site they will likely read the rest of the site.

By Haadi