your message read and to attract attention. Most business cards and postcards go from your hand or mailbox straight to the garbage can. We live in a visual world and nobody pays attention or remembers a standard boring card any more, even if it’s in color.

Most business cards and postcard are so common that they don’t catch the eye or attract attention. Not any more! Times have changed and so has your ability to get noticed with new hi-tech eye candy Wow Factor Effects that can be added to your business printing. These new printing options are guaranteed to attract attention and demand a second look. You can learn about these 7 unique special effects that will increase your conversions and ROI. Most online printing services only can deliver the old standard. There are only a small few printers that have new state of the art equipment, which can add higher value to your printed marketing literature.

These New Wow Factor Effects Are:
Spot UV Coating

1. Spot UV coating is an inexpensive option for giving your printing an attention getting WOW FACTOR! As the name suggests, a Spot UV coating is applied to chosen areas of a card. This has the effect of highlighting and drawing attention to selected parts of the design. This effect is an additional visual stimulus with its high/low effect on a single printed surface. Spot UV is achieved by applying a high gloss UV spot coating on the top of polished clay glossy card stock. This produces a high contrast between the highly reflective shiny UV coating and the more light-absorbing clay coated finish with aqueous coating which protects the card from scratching and scuffing. Spot UV gets attention.

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Silk Laminated Cards
2. Silk Laminated cards have an elegant, smooth texture that doesn’t reflect light like glossy card stock. Silk cards are generally printed on heavy 16 PT paper and laminated with special coating that gives the cards an elegant silky texture. For even more bang add the power of SPOT UV for an additional eye candy Wow Factor Effect bounce. These cards are impressive and leave a strong lasting impression.

Waterproof EndurAce Cards
3. EndurAce waterproof cards are made with special material that’s water resilient and durable. These cards will last for many years. EndurACE is a 10 Pt thick stock, which has the feel and body of 100 lb paper stock. It’s perfect for hot, cold, rainy and extreme weather. Designed for outdoor use and harsh envorments where other papers fail, this stock holds up to extreme conditions. For businesses that are on or near water, dealing with snow or extreme conditions, EndurAce is the answer. It’s ideal for outdoor signage, flyers and brochures.

By Haadi