1. Choosing Good Partners One of the keys to a successful JV is to pick high quality and high traffic sites with which to partner. In this case, and below, we will be using the example of selling an Ebook that you have created. The topic of this particular Ebook is “Bass Fishing.” An easy way to find potential JV partners is to go to Google and type in the top three terms related to your topic. In our example we type in “Bass fishing” Large mouth Bass and Small mouth Bass. With the size of the Internet, and the searching capabilities of Google, you can write your Ebook on almost any subject and find a large list of websites that cover it. I suggest starting with a group of 50 sites, total, with which to work.


2. Choosing Quality Sites Look for Quality growing sites within your niche market. Once you get a list of sites (I suggest you break them down into groups of five) you should then go to www.Alexa.com and download their toolbar. Check each site’s overall growth rate and use the “wayback” feature to get an idea about how much work they have put into the site. Do not be surprised if there is no data available in a number of the categories; Alexa measures growth rates of only the most rapidly growing sites.

You want to find the highest traffic growth sites possible. Out of your first five sites pick the top two growth sites and put them to the side for future use. Take the other three sites and, using the downloadable Google tool bar (http://toolbar.google.com), find out the page rank of the sites. If the page rank is lower than five I suggest putting them into your “To contact later pile” If the page rank is five or higher put them into your contact file.
















3. Contacting Smaller Sites First Contact the smaller slower growing sites first. The reason I suggested, putting the top two growth sites out of each five to the side is because you are much more likely to get a JV and reciprocal link from a smaller site when you are first starting out. Once your site has reached a page rank of five or above AND with at least 10+ back links to quality sites you can then contact the bigger sites. Lets face it, not only do the sites that sell your Ebook want to make a percentage of each sale, they also want to increase their PR ranking and number of quality linking partners. If you go to the bigger sites on day one you are much more likely to get a “no” than if you build your site rankings and links first. Big sites, above all, don’t want to have their rankings go down. So really do your JV homework and linking prior to contacting them. (OK I am finished preaching about that!)

4. Writing a Professional Contact Letter. One of the keys to a successful JV is to prepare a professional contact letter that clearly states the benefits (percentage of sale) that the JV partner will receive. Another key point to state is how many sites you are linked with and their average page ranking. (Remember: five or above). It is imperative that you make your letter short, concise and clearly stating the benefits to them. This is also the time to mention the fact that you will provide the partner site with all the necessary ad copy, pictures, banners and ongoing emails that they will need to promote your product so they can get paid. Before contacting the JV partner you will also want to set up an affiliate program through www.shareasale.com or www.clickbank.com. My point is: the simpler you make things for the JV partners the more positive responses you will have.

By Haadi